Go to our menu and chose the subscribe option, then go down until Gift subscription, or click here

Note: the gift giver and gift receiver must be based in the same country due to tax complications between countries.




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Now you can choose your gift!


Note: You will receive a lower price for

yearly subscriptions.





Now if you have a coupon code you can enter it before the



Then you can proceed to the next screen.





Add all your gift details.


Specify the first and last name of the person that will receive

the gift and his email.


Now choose the gift date and time, if you want your gift

to be sent in a specific date, add this in.


Write a personal message for the lucky person that will

receive the gift.


Tell the receiver who the give if from




In the next window you must enter all Your billing details:

Your First name

Your Last Name

Your Email  

Your phone number

Your address lines, including county




 In the next window you must enter recipient detail:

Recipient First name

Recipient Last Name

Recipient Email  

Recipient phone number

Recipient address lines, including county





In the last window you must add payment 


 Card number 





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You can also choose PayPal as payment method, when you

 press the PayPal button and a new window will open

there you can finish your payment with entering your PayPal




There we go!


We hope that this guide would be help for you

 if you have any other questions, click here.